Agricultural Graduates

What is a Graduate Placement

A Graduate Placement student is different from a Workplace Integrated Learning student in that the graduate placement student have already completed their tertiary studies and want to gain practical experience in a commercial environment, and the Workplace Integrated Learning student needs to do their practical's in order for them to complete their studies and obtain their qualification.

At Hygro we provide post graduate students with an opportunity to gain that extra experience that they need to increase their employability. We have placed a large number of post graduates over the last few years and many of them have received, not only permanent positions at the farms where we place them, but also excellence awards from the Agri-SETA (Agricultural Sectoral Education and Training Authority).

Some will argue that hands-on experience in agriculture is more important than theoretical knowledge and academic qualifications. We believe that no person working in the sector will be able to reach their full potential without a good balance of both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Who Should Apply?

Any person who needs practical experience and have completed one of the following or related qualifications:

 National Diploma: Plant Production
 National Diploma: Crop Production
 National Diploma: Animal Production
 National Diploma: Mixed Farming
 National Diploma: Agricultural Management
 National Diploma: Horticulture
 National Diploma: Food Technology