Accredited Training

We offer a wide range of accredited Agricultural Training Programs. Each of our agricultural courses is developed to transfer both theoretical and practical knowledge.

We have built a network that is composed of a wide variety of commercial farms, from citrus and sub-tropical fruits all the way to Beef Masters and Poultry Producers. Our ability to deliver results is key to our success. Our students are exposed to practical demonstrations and experience which enhance their understanding and application of the relevant subject they wish to study.

With our network of commercial farms, we can demonstrate the widest variety of real-world principles and procedures that the industry has to offer.

Skills Programmes

Hygro offers our clients and students with a wide variety of occupationally aligned skills programs that ranges across all aspects farming. Our occupational approach allows us to, not only deliver general training programs such as Forklift Training or Occupational Health and Safety, but to develop a student or worker in the occupation they hold on the farm.

We also provide these Agricultural Skills Programs at different levels of employment to cater for all those who work on farms, from the general farm worker all the way up to assistant managers.

Popular Skills Programs we offer include:

  • Hydroponic Production
  • Poultry Production
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Agricultural Management for Supervisors
  • Food Safety and Quality control in a pack house
  • Tractor Driving


A Learnership is vocational education and training programme. It combines theory and practice, culminating in a qualification that is registered with SAQA. Hygro is accredited to offer the following Learnerships:

  • Plant production NQF Level 1-4
  • Animal production NQF Level 1-4
  • Mixed Farming NQF Level 1-2
  • Poultry Production NQF Level 2
  • Horticulture NQF Level 1

Who is involved in the learnership and what are their roles?

The learner: the learner that is placed in a learnership, signs a legal agreement with an employer which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the learner and follows the learning programme.

The employer: The employer provides the work experience part of the learnership and signs the same legal agreement stating the employer’s rights and responsibilities, including agreements on the level of the learnership allowance.

Hygro: Training providers provide training on behalf of the employer and sign the same legal agreement stating the training provider’s rights and responsibilities.

SETA: A Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) organizes and facilitates the funding of learnerships in a specific area of the economy (for example transport or tourism and hospitality or agriculture) and ensures that the training is up to industry standard (quality assurance).