Community Projects

Hygro Training College has been in the agricultural industry for almost 20 years, and we have witnessed the influence and change that farming can bring to people’s lives. Our aim is to assist individuals to become sustainable small-scale farmers within the community guided by us, a professional service provider, to ensure a high success rate.

We strongly feel that agricultural projects can be a sustainable solution for successful community projects. With careful planning and research, we have identified three ideal agricultural production endeavours:

  • Hydroponic production
  • Poultry production
  • Combined production

The three agricultural avenues mentioned above can been productive and sustainable in both small scale and large-scale farming.

If you look at South Africa today, the primary thing that can give people food security is creating an income. With money being a main factor and a big shortage in struggling communities, you more often start to see people taking initiative by making their own vegetable gardens or small chicken coops and producing their own food in an effort to create an income.

People are influenced by people, and this is where we can plant a seed in the community, a seed of influence which can one day grow into a blooming flower. With the right guidance and formal training done by Hygro Training College the selected individuals will have a foundation to stand on, sharing their knowledge and influencing the people around them and in time becoming pillars in their community.

Hygro is open for new project ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist with support such as:

  • Project plans & proposals
  • Community signatory documents
  • Project costing and quotes
  • Mentoring
  • Brain storming

The objective of our mentorship programs is to empower Youth in Agriculture through the provision of skills and knowledge-based mentorship in their specific areas of agricultural businesses, this process is intended to achieve improved efficiency of production systems resource and utilization.

A mentorship approach for individual emerging farmers of groups of farmers involves mentoring them to enhance skills in performing specific farm production tasks, turning the ailing farms or projects in such a way that they are operating at a business level.

This relates to an efficient capacity building program as a systemic approach towards efficient mentorship output, which achieves an empirically proven transformation of the target recipients from their original level to a new higher level of production and performance.

Hygro’s Approach Focusses on:

Human Resources plan in terms of operations:

  • Role Clarity & Work Allocation of employees
  • Training & Development of employees
  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Salary & Rewards of employees
  • Performance Management of employees
  • Industrial Relations

The Business Management skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:

Financial Management (budgeting, cash flow, capital)

  • Procurement
  • Break even
  • Bookkeeping and record keeping
  • Commodity Pricing
  • Markets, Marketing & Sales
  • Production Scheduling and Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contingency Planning & Management
  • Farm lay-out and selection
  • Assets
  • Planning, Co-ordination & Control
  • Preferred service provider database
  • Communication systems
  • Outsourcing of contracts
  • VAT and taxes

The Technical skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:

  • Preparation
  • Establishment (propagation / breeding)
  • Crop / Commodity Maintenance
  • Nutrition
  • Irrigation
  • Health – Prevention and treatment
  • Harvesting
  • Post-Harvesting handling and treatment
  • Infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Chemicals

The Social skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:

  • Assimilation into farmer’s association
  • Negotiation and interaction with co-operatives