Hydroponic Production







Hydroponic Production NQF level 1,2 & 4

Credits: 12

Certification: Agri-SETA Accredited Certificate

Duration: 1 week

Cost: R 3 000.00 per person

This course includes the following unit standards:

  • SAQA ID 116148: Perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponic context


  • SAQA ID 116072: Perform routine operations and identify basic problems in hydroponic systems


  • SAQA ID 116314: Produce crop in a hydroponic system


A candidate attending this course will gain the following skills:


  • Prepare a production area for crop establishment.
  • Establish a hydroponic crop
  • Identify the basic differences i.e., hydroponic and conventional (soil) production.
  • Identify various growing media.
  • Plants are manipulated as per instruction in the hydroponic production system.
  • Identify and report basic problems in the production system.
  • Basic understanding of hydroponics.
  • Identify the properties of various growing media, for their use different hydroponic production contexts.
  • Prepare fertilizer / nutrient solution as per instructions.
  • Monitor PH and EC of the fertilizer solution.
  • Identify the characteristics of the hydroponic operation structure.


Training method: Onsite training, E-Learning and Classroom trainings at Hygro Training College in Eloff Mpumalanga, Road no.6 , Small holding no.23