Repairs and Maintenance






Repairs and maintenance NQF level 1-4

Credits: 15

Certification: Agri-SETA Accredited certificate

Duration: 2 weeks

Cost: R 3750.00 per person

This course includes the following unit standards:

  • SAQA ID 116167: Select, use and care for hand tools and basic equipment and infrastructure
  • SAQA ID 116060: Utilize and perform minor repair and maintenance tasks on implements, equipment and infrastructure
  • SAQA ID 116275: Apply routine maintenance and servicing plans and procedures
  • SAQA ID 116290: Establish a plan for the monitoring, safe use and maintenance of equipment implements technology and infrastructure

A candidate attending this course will gain the following skills:

  • Select and use appropriate equipment and implements for a specific agricultural task.
  • Recognise and act on problems related to the use of hand tools and basic equipment in an agricultural environment.
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks to agricultural equipment.
  • Store equipment correctly and safely.
  • Identify and apply the correct safety measures when using hand tools and basic agricultural equipment a
  • Select the appropriate tools, implements and/or equipment, from a limited range, to use in a specified combination of activities within a single agricultural process and implements.
  • Monitor the good working order and perform minor repairs to the use of tools, implements and/or equipment.
  • Maintain and store tools, implements, equipment and/or machinery according to specifications.
  • Explain and apply the necessary safety measures in the use of agricultural tools, equipment and/or implements.
  • Understand and schedule the implementation of a routine maintenance plan.
  • Implement a service maintenance plan.
  • Apply maintenance and service procedures according to specified policies.
  • Ensure the application of appropriate safety measures in the use of agricultural equipment and implements.
  • Develop a basic task related work program related to the scheduling and allocation of equipment and implements.
  • Prepare and implement basic operational procedures for the cleaning, storage and proper maintenance of equipment, implements and infrastructure.
  • Recognise, identify and solve problems related to the use of implements and equipment in an agricultural environment.
  • Draw up plans to ensure that safety regulations are implemented as prescribed for the use of implements, agro-chemicals and equipment.
  • Adapt equipment, implements and technology to suit different agricultural situations and processes.

Training method: Onsite training, E-Learning and Classroom trainings at Hygro Training College in Eloff Mpumalanga, Road no.6, Small holding no.23