Agricultural Interns

What is Workplace Integrated Learning

Workplace Integrated Learning, or an internship as it is commonly referred to, is a program for which a tertiary student that is currently busy with his / her national diploma can apply for.

Since most tertiary institutions offering national diplomas in Animal Production, Crop Production, Mixed Farming or Agricultural Management requires that the student complete 2 years theory and 1 year practical training in order to graduate.

Hygro offers full-time paid experiential training to qualifying students. Gaining hands-on experience while working in the agricultural industry, network with professionals in the agricultural sector and learning from some of the most experienced specialists in South Africa.

The Student will be exposed in all aspects of Farming, from the ground up to the business side of farming so they can be prepared to manage a farm one day.

Who Should Apply?

Students currently registered at any university or tertiary institution for one of the following qualifications:

 National Diploma: Plant Production
 National Diploma: Crop Production
 National Diploma: Animal Production
 National Diploma: Mixed Farming
 National Diploma: Agricultural Management
 National Diploma: Horticulture
 National Diploma: Food Technology