Agricultural Interns

Our Approach To Mentorship Programs

The objective of our mentorship programs is to empower Youth in Agriculture through the provision of skills and knowledge based mentorship in their specific areas of agricultural businesses, this process is intended to achieve improved efficiency of production systems resource and utilization.

A mentorship approach for individual emerging farmers of groups of farmers involves mentoring them to enhance skills in performing specific farm production tasks, turning the ailing farms or projects in such a way that they are operating at a business level.

This relates to an efficient capacity building program as a systemic approach towards efficient mentorship output, which achieves an empirically proven transformation of the target recipients from their original level to a new higher level of production and performance.

Hygro's Approach Focusses on:

  • The People Management skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:
    • Human Resources plan in terms of operations
    • Role Clarity & Work Allocation of employees
    • Training & Development of employees
    • Employee Health & Safety
    • Salary & Rewards of employees
    • Performance Management of employees
    • Industrial Relations
  • The Business Management skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:
    • Financial Management (budgeting, cash flow, capital)
    • Procurement
    • Break even
    • Bookkeeping and record keeping
    • Commodity Pricing
    • Markets, Marketing & Sales
    • Production Scheduling and Management
    • Risk Management
    • Contingency Planning & Management
    • Farm lay-out and selection
    • Assets
    • Planning, Co-ordination & Control
    • Preferred service provider database
    • Communication systems
    • Outsourcing of contracts
    • VAT and taxes
  • The Technical skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:
    • Preparation
    • Establishment (propagation / breeding)
    • Crop / Commodity Maintenance
    • Nutrition
    • Irrigation
    • Health - Prevention and treatment
    • Harvesting
    • Post-Harvesting handling and treatment
    • Infrastructure development and maintenance
    • Chemicals
  • The Social skills and activities of the mentee, which includes:
    • Assimilation into farmer's association
    • Negotiation and interaction with co-operatives
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Excellence Award
Excellence Award